OUTDOOR EDUCATION. “Central Asian Adventures” in 2024

Central Asian Adventures. OUTDOOR EDUCATION

We offer expeditions for schoolchildren to the wild nature of the Tian-Shan and Pamirs. We offer young people an opportunity to hone life skills to become more audacious and responsive and have adventurous life. We organize expeditions for schoolchildren and students. And also we organize expeditions for “team building”.

Currently, there are very few remote corners of wild untouched nature on earth. And the urban environment cannot give children an opportunity to interact with wildlife. Children that mingle with wild nature are more adapted to the life in wild nature. Illustrative examples are nomads of Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we invite you to participate in an open-air summer school, in extreme mountain conditions in the wild.

There are several options for the school in the Tian-Shan: these are wild places – Kokshaal-Too canyons, the Sary-Jaz river valley, the foothills of the Chon-Alai ridge (the northern Pamirs), the Chatkal river valley. This is an expedition into the wild to learn to perceive nature through overcoming difficulties and survival in the wild. These wild places are perfect for studying botany, zoology, geology, topography, traditional culture of nomads, and most importantly for survival in remote nature. Survival allows people to think and learn about wildlife.

The absolute heights of the territories are more than 3500 meters. Climate is harsh and contrasting. Large air temperature fluctuations during day and night; absence of civilization and wild yet virgin nature.

We provide with all necessary services for the expedition. Possible number of participants 10-35 people. Duration: from 10 to 30 days.

During the expeditions, you not only learn about active tourism and train principles of personal and social safety, but also can participate in extreme activities and field training:

  1. Rock climbing – climbing on natural or artificial rocky terrain.
  2. Canyoning – overcoming canyons without floating equipment using various techniques to overcome complex water-rocky terrain.
  3. Rafting – rafting on Mountain Rivers and artificial channels.
  4. Kayaking – active recreation on the water in a kayak (kayak).
  5. Equestrian tourism – Tourist routes on horseback.
  6. Hang gliding – flying on a hang glider (motor hang glider).
  7. Paragliding – paragliding (motorized paragliding).
  8. Balloons – flying in a balloon.
  9. Speleotourism – hiking through natural underground cavities (caves) and overcoming obstacles inside.
  10. Diving – scuba diving with special equipment.
  11. Snorkeling – swimming under the surface of water with a mask, breathing tube and fins.
  12. Orienteering, topography
  13. The basics of first aid,
  14. Fundamentals of geology, biology, zoology, etc.

You gain knowledge on cartography, learn to figure out which plants in the region are edible and inedible, learn how to filter water and keep fire.

You learn how to lay a route. We invite you to take part in extreme educational outdoor expeditions

We invite you to learn the wildlife of the Tian-Shan and the Pamirs.

The Pamirs are extreme alpine places where wild, alpine nature is harsh and beautiful at the same time. The Pamirs are outstanding natural monuments and absolutely wild untouched places for researchers and philosophers.

Wildlife Map for Survival School

Photos of school expeditions to the wildlife of the Tian-Shan

  • - Meeting and seeing off at the airport
  • - Accommodation in hotels 3 * according to the program (double/twin rooms)
  • - Tents for accommodation
  • - Large tent for the kitchen and dining room
  • - Three meals a day for the whole program
  • - Transport according to the program
  • - Guide-expert
  • - Cook
  • - Tables and chairs
  • - Tableware
  • - Mobile toilets
  • - Gas
  • - Equipment for field camps
  • - Entrance fees to reserves
  • - International flights to Bishkek and back
  • - Equipment rental
  • - Single room accommodation
  • - Cost of visa and consular services
  • - Personal expenses in hotel, bar, international calls, etc.
  • - Insurance
  • - Any changes to the program

Price on Request

According to the request and interest, we can negotiate the optimal price for your budget.

Price depends on the number of participants


Our email: info@geoexplorersclub.com