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Natural heritage is not a commodity that has value.

Nature cannot be sold or bought. Tourism has to be smart. Therefore, contact the professionals.

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We specialize in exploration tours and expeditions. To make your journey worthwhile, contact GeoExplorersTeam.

GeoExplorersTeam is your guide and professional scientific advisor during your exploration travels and expeditions in Central Asia. We provide support in conducting expeditions and thematic trips for scientists, researchers, students and other travelers, so that they can get the most out of the nature, culture, processes and problems of Central Asia.

Our work is based on ecological tourism. We travel smart with meaning. At the same time, your camera remains the main field instrument. If you want to be not just a tourist with a camera, but a real researcher, if you want to get the maximum knowledge or ideas about the country, you should contact us. In order for your research as a scientist to be official, we draw up and provide all the necessary official permits for research. For example, if you are an entomologist or biologist and want to study the life of insects and bats and select biomaterial, we will issue an appropriate official permit for you. For students and schoolchildren, we conduct practical trips to places to explore wildlife. Our expeditions are based on discoveries and exploration of new horizons. In our international expeditions, tourists, scientists and just amateurs to explore, exchange experience and knowledge.

The company adheres to an environmental and sustainable policy. Our tours and expeditions have minimal impact on the environment and society, therefore, those who come for us will also see untouched nature. The aim of our tours is to give our guests a unique experience while at the same time making a positive impact on the local community as well as supporting conservation efforts in the region.

Our mission: We specialize in organizing and conducting scientific, applied, research, ecological expeditions and excursions. We organize scientific and educational tours for students and schoolchildren, as well as for lovers of scientific research in various fields, especially if this research is carried out in the wild. If you want to come to Central Asia and conduct your research or observations here, contact us. We provide all these essential services. Our field guides, experts are scientists and employees of national academies of sciences, scientific institutes and university teachers. You will receive expert help and advice.

The purpose of our expeditions is the possibility of joint research in various fields of science with the participation of local scientists and specialists. A group of local scientists and adventurers organized the Geo Explorers Club to ensure that the research was substantiated and systematic. This is important so that the research results of individual foreign scientists or groups of researchers are beneficial to the countries of our region and benefit the researcher himself. Both our and your research will be conducted officially in nature reserves and national parks. For any research, we obtain official permits from the competent authorities of the countries in which we conduct the research. We will prepare all the necessary customs documents for the export of collected biological material, minerals and all types of samples collected during your field trips and observations.

Currently, for most researchers and tourists from different countries, Central Asia remains unknown and poorly understood. This is due to its long-term inaccessibility for foreign researchers in the past, the fact that many areas of Central Asia were closed to the public for various reasons due to the fact that interesting, mysterious and unique places and scientific objects are located in remote areas. Central Asia is a region of new discoveries and research. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with anyone who wants to do any research or take part in our travels and tours. We welcome anyone who wants to join the GeoExplorers Team or become an expert guide on the GeoExplorersTeam or simply take part in our expeditions and tours. We are engaged in various scientific and practical areas. We conduct expeditions and tours; implementation of environmental projects and projects for the development of environmental tourism. Our directions:

Ecological tours allow local residents to see the attitude of other people towards nature, to think about it and rethink their attitude towards it. Therefore, you become an influential force in transforming the relationship of local people to nature.

Safety is the main priority of our company. To meet our safety standards, our guides must be locals, experienced explorers, and well versed in their operation as well as local traditions and customs. Our drivers have good experience in mountain conditions. Most of our guides are active members of mountain, climbing associations or teams and are certified in first aid in the wild.

Our tours and expeditions are based on the idea of ​​environmental protection. Our concept is that the only way to preserve natural resources, ecosystems and the ecological interaction between people and nature is ecological tourism based on knowledge and research. While in the wild, through our professional guides, you will learn about its essence, value and uniqueness. You will learn about the processes that created these or those landscapes, as well as about modern processes taking place in society, which can destroy all ecosystems. If you want a complete eco-tour led by experienced guides, you should choose GeoExplorersTeam. If you want to take part in an expedition and make new discoveries with experienced explorers and scientists, you must choose GeoExplorersTeam.

We work closely with Academies of Sciences, universities, institutes, public organizations, environmental funds. Our experts and guides are employees of these organizations with extensive field experience. We follow the rules of field research or travel. For example, we will not visit caves in a large group while bats are carrying their offspring. Thus, we do not create a disturbance factor for bats. We use the advice of scientists. In our expeditions and tours, we try to use the latest monitoring data, results and scientific achievements. We work closely with foreign scientific organizations and experts. During our expeditions, we also carry out scientific research and observations. We write reports, publish articles and books. GeoExplorersTeam is open to anyone willing to join our field trips, tours and expeditions.

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