Rock climbing in Madygen Geopark

Rock climbing in the geopark is becoming an increasingly popular outdoor activity. This is facilitated by stunning locations, and landscapes from a bird’s eye view, which climbers strive to reach.

On the territory of the geopark there are places where nature has created excellent conditions for rock climbing. The compact location of climbing locations makes this type of extreme tourism more and more popular. Almost all mountain ranges are cut by deep canyons. The height of the canyon walls reaches more than 350-400 m. The canyon walls are very attractive for both professionals and beginner climbers. These places are ideal for rock climbing, as the mountain ranges in the southern part of the geopark are composed of dense Paleozoic limestones. Limestones have good blockiness and fracture, which means they have a lot of hooks for hands and feet. The geopark has two great locations for beginner climbers, these are the Kozu-Baglan canyon and the Tenge-Sai canyon. Tenge-Sai Canyon is also ideal for canyoning. Link to canyoning

The walls of the local canyons still remain undefeated. In 2022, we are inviting climbers to evaluate new rock routes for the first time in a new geopark in the southern Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan.

The most favorable time for climbing is April – June, August – October. The air temperature in July – August reaches 35-40 degrees. For a comfortable stay, a good field camp will be provided. Your chef will take into account your dietary preferences. During the whole expedition you will have a car, a satellite phone, radio stations and all conditions for rest after rock climbing. Local limestone cliffs in the canyons are great for various types of rock climbing. For example, for free climbing or for climbing to difficulty with a lower rope. Especially these rocks attract beginners.

Welcome to the climbing walls of Madygen Geopark!

Program and route
We offer two climbing locations in one trip. The two canyons are located 20 km apart. Convenient places for a field camp near a water source and in the shade of centuries-old trees. We offer you the most convenient program for 15 days. You can also choose a different duration for your Geopark adventure.

Day 1. Arrival in Osh city 

Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation. Dinner at ethno restaurant.

Day 2. Osh – Batken – Madygen Geopark

In the morning after breakfast you will go to Madygen Geopark, 250 km. Accommodation in the field camp. Acclimatization. Night in tents.

Day 3 – 13. Climbing in two locations

You will have the opportunity to choose the best location for rock climbing. Therefore, we offer two alternative areas: Kozu-Baglan Canyon and Tenge-Sai Canyon.

Day 14. Madygen – Osh

Hotel accommodation. Excursion to the sights of the ancient city. Dinner at ethno restaurant.

Day 15. Osh – Airport

Airport transfer. Seeing home.


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