Canyoning Tour In Geopark, South Tien Shan

If you want to get a big dose of adrenaline surrounded by wild nature, for this you need to visit the Madygen Geopark located in the southern Tien Shan. The geopark has excellent conditions for canyoning, a kind of attraction or extreme entertainment for outdoor activities. Hot air temperature, correspondingly warm water in the reservoirs inside the canyon and wild nature, create excellent conditions for a natural water park.

For the uninitiated, Canyoning is overcoming canyons without the help of floating means (boats, rafts, canoes, kayaks, etc.) using various techniques for overcoming complex water and rocky terrain: rock climbing, rappelling, diving, swimming. In Madygen, these conditions are perfectly combined in the Tenge-Sai canyon, where even beginners can practice canyoning.

When passing canyons, climbing technical means are used: ropes, carabiners, safety harnesses, a descender, lifting devices, helmets, etc.

Depending on the air and water temperature, various clothing and footwear are used to provide protection from cold water. But in the Tenge-Sai canyon the water is warm from May to September (+20-22 0C).

Canyoning refers to going through natural formations from one end to the other along natural paths, sometimes with the help of a rope and in non-slip trekking shoes. If you are going to go parkour canyon, then Tenge-Sai is the perfect place. To do this, you should prepare accordingly and join a canyon tour with a qualified guide, as each canyon carries risks. Canyoning in Tenge-Sai usually takes 5-6 hours, and for beginners the whole day.

The equipment that you will be provided for the Canyoning tour is life jackets, helmets, climbing gear and headlamps. You must have shoes with non-slip soles. If you want to join a canyoning tour, you can get more information by writing to our email address:

How it all works

Where does the water in the canyon come from? Above the canyon in the Madygen tract, there are several natural water sources of karst origin, which form one stream and flow into the canyon. As a result of the erosive activity of water, over many thousands of years, 10 vertical ledges from 5 to 15 m were formed in the canyon. Almost all of them form waterfalls, which, falling down or overflowing from ledge to ledge, form natural pools filled with water at their base. These baths have different depths, which will have to be overcome by swimming, of course, with insurance.

Technically difficult sections are overcome with the help of climbing equipment. While traveling through the canyon, you swim, jump from rocks, descend from waterfalls, go into one of the caves, and conquer various obstacles, such as blockages of stones. Climbing equipment helps you with this: ropes, descenders and belay devices, and of course your experienced guide.

The mandatory individual equipment of each participant includes: a helmet, a harness with an additional seat protector at the back for sliding along the stone “slides” of the natural water park. The guide always has a set of carabiners, hydrobags for dry and valuable things, a first aid kit, headlamps with him on the route. Those who wish can use their own wetsuits.

Difficulty level

Tenge-Sai is considered a low-risk canyon. However, the risk is always present, it depends on attentiveness and rules of conduct. Canyoning tour is designed for the whole day. Passing through the canyon, you will get acquainted with the magnificent wild landscapes of the untouched nature of Kalcha-Bashi. Off-road transport will be waiting for you at the northern exit of the canyon to return to the camp. However, those who wish can continue the journey in the opposite direction, i.e. overcoming obstacles up the canyon. But, this option is designed for more experienced and hardy participants.

The length of Canyoning is approximately 2.3 km. The height of the walls of the canyon reaches 300-350 m. The width of the canyon in the narrowest places narrows to 1 m. The excess of the start over the finish line is about 200 m. equipment, as well as climbing skills.

This is an adventure of medium difficulty, you can participate from the age of 12 (a preliminary meeting is organized with children and their parents). Participants must be able to swim. We teach diving and rappelling on the spot. In addition to the mandatory equipment, you will need sneakers with non-slip soles to walk on wet stones, as well as a towel. The level of difficulty and natural conditions of canyoning allows those who wish to go through the canyon in bathing suits.

Canyoning in Tenge-Sai is a route of initial and medium difficulty levels, where participants do not need special long-term training. It is advisable not to be afraid of heights, but all the necessary basic skills to complete the route, we teach participants right on the spot, before and during canyoning.


The water in the canyon is clear, flows over limestone rocks polished to a shine, nature in its original form fascinates and immerses in a unique atmosphere. Approach to the canyon by car takes 20-30 minutes, then along the trail takes 10 minutes. At the entrance to the canyon, the walls close and grow up. The canyon begins with a three-meter descent and immediately invigorates, charging with adrenaline. Then the participants overcome water barriers, stone areas, rocky ledges, slide down the stone “slides”, descend with a rope in difficult places and rest in “bowls” with warm (+20-22) clean water.

When you step on the route, you plunge headlong into the wild nature of the canyon, you feel the unknown because you do not know what lies ahead, you feel like a pioneer of an unknown route, no matter how many times it has already been passed before you. Excitement seizes you, and you forget about fear and difficulties.

We are sure that many of you will be ready to repeat this exciting tour again.

For beginners, we suggest going through the canyon in one direction – from top to bottom. For a more advanced group, the canyon can also be walked in the opposite direction, where the technique changes fundamentally and requires more effort.


Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by experienced guides. The number of instructor guides depends on the number of group members. Usually for a group of beginners 1 guide for 2-3 participants. The maximum number in a group is 7-10 people.

The best time for canyoning is May – September
Cost – from 650 $USD / per person


For beginners and groups of more than 10 people, an extra day of preparation is required.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport in Osh

Hotel accommodation. Relaxation. Excursion. Dinner at ethno restaurant.

Day 2. Osh – Batken – Madygen

The way to the field camp in the Madygen tract will take about 7 hours. However, it is impossible not to stop for a photo session near the sights. After lunch in the city of Batken, the further route lies through the territory of the geopark with magnificent landscapes and objects of geological and cultural heritage of international importance. In the evening we will arrive at the Madygen tract, the surroundings of which are filled with the flavor of local life and the asceticism of the inhabitants of a tiny village of 10 houses. Accommodation in tents.

Day 3. Preparation for canyoning

Acclimatization, instruction, mastering the skills of climbing and working with a rope.

Day 4. Canyoning

It will take us all day to safely overcome the canyon and return to the camp. Therefore, we take lunch with us. Of course, stops for the best photo shoots on the rope and in various extreme positions will take you a lot of time. On the way back on our off-road vehicle, you will get acquainted with Kalcha-Bashi – the lost world of wild untouched nature. Return to camp.

Day 5. Rest. Excursion around Madygen

This day is provided either for additional and better preparation of beginners for adventures in the canyon, or for those who have already traveled through Tenge-Sai, and left time for an exciting tour of Madygen, a geological treasure of World significance. During the tour, you will see fantastic landscapes of colorful geological sections. After lunch, one of the hospitable owners of the tract will demonstrate a master class on baking cakes in the tandoor. In the evening, a romantic rest by the fire.

Day 6. Madygen – Batken – Osh

The way back lies through landscapes of rare beauty from the variegated geological sections of the Mesozoic era. Arrival in Osh. Free time. Dinner at ethno restaurant. Hotel accommodation.

Day 7. Osh – Airport

Transfer in Airport. Homecoming.


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