Horseback riding tour through the protected areas of the Western Tien Shan, Chatkal, Kyrgyzstan, 10 days

Horseback riding tour from Lake Sary-Chelek to the Padysha-Ata Nature Reserve

Kyrgyzstan – the heritage of nomads! The nomadic peoples of Central Asia have always used horses in everyday life and in crossing the mountain ranges of the Tien Shan Mountains.

Currently, horses still serve local residents not only as producers of meat and kumiss. The horse is used in popular national games, horse racing, agriculture, for transporting goods, etc. But in the Western Tien Shan, the horse has become a popular means of transport for tourist travel through the untouched natural places of the Tien Shan Mountains.

Horseback riding requires special attention from you. As soon as a tourist gets on a horse and rides for the first time, he forgets about the nature around him. His attention is focused on not falling off the horse and trying to control it correctly. But experienced travelers, who are doing this not for the first time and feel confident in the saddle, are beginning to set new goals for themselves. For them, the journey must be carried out using a horse, but they are focused on new sensations not related to riding a horse.

Therefore, before the start of the route, guides and grooms will give tourists a short briefing on the rules of being in the saddle and how to control a horse.

This route passes through the famous places of the UNESCO biosphere territory: the Sary-Chelek reserve, the Padysh-Ata reserve, the Aflatun gorge, the Kyzyl-Jar savanna, etc. The picturesque Aflatun gorge and the famous Sary-Chelek are places for an exciting and attractive journey on horseback. The length of the routes per day will be 6-10 km.

Travel program

Your journey will be accompanied by transport, and you will also be accompanied by a cook at all field stops.

Day 1. Arrival in Osh

Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation. Introduction to the program. Dinner at an ethno restaurant. For those who arrived on an early flight, a tour of the sights of the city of Osh will be organized.

Day 2. Osh – Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve

Early check out from the hotel. Along the way you will visit the architectural and historical complex of the ancient capital of the Karakhanids of the 9th-10th centuries. in the city of Uzgen. The route of the trip runs along the Fergana length. Along the way are the large cities of Jalal-Abad and Tash-Kumyr. Lunch at a local teahouse. Visit to the savannah. In 6 hours we will arrive in the village of Arkit, where we will stay in a guest house on the outskirts of the reserve.

Day 3. Surroundings of the Sary-Chelek nature reserve

On this day, the riders must get used to the saddle and the horse, and the horse to the rider. Therefore, accompanied by local instructors, you will take a horseback ride in the vicinity of the reserve. After lunch, excursion to the famous Sary-Chelek lake. Dinner with national dishes. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 4. Sary-Chelek - Aflatun gorge

On this day you will make a long trek along an unforgettable route with magnificent panoramas of lakes and mountain ranges. The transition will take all day. Those who are tired of sitting in the saddle can make the trek on foot, or go to our car.

Day 5. Horseback riding along the Aflatun gorge

In the morning you will go up the Aflatun gorge. The route goes up the Aflatun valley to the confluence of the left tributary Bachyk-Suu. The route runs through picturesque forest gorges. Having reached the pass, from where a panorama of the Kechkil River valley opens, the route descends into the Aflatun Valley, where you can organize a field overnight stay.

Day 6. Aflatun Valley

The route through the Chal-Kandy pass (2719 m) with magnificent panoramas. Then descent into the Utur valley. The Utur Valley is the right tributary of the Aflatun River. Further descent to the confluence of the Utur and Aflatun rivers. Overnight in a field camp.

Day 7. Aflatun – It-Agar Valley

In the morning, transfer from the Aflatun valley to the It-Agar river valley. Along the way there are magnificent landscapes and untouched nature of Chatkal. Monumental peaks and various forms of geoheritage. There are shepherds’ stops along the way. Stops for photography. Field overnight in the river valley.

Day 8. It-Agar – Padysha-Ata Valley

The transition from It-Agar to the Padysha-Ata valley, about 10 km long, will take the whole day. Overnight in a guest house in the Padysha-Ata valley. Dinner with national dishes.

Day 9. Excursion to the Padysha-Ata Nature Reserve

There is no need to get up early on this day. You will take a walking tour through one of the beautiful nature reserves of the Chatkal ridge. After lunch, departure to Osh.

Day 10. Osh – Airport

Airport transfer

Program cost

Number of people in the group 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 12-14 15-16
Cost for 1 person, $ 1650 1450 1250 1070 950 830 790

Included in the price

  • – Transport according to the program for 2-3 people – Hyundai Starex, more than 10 people – Mercedes Sprinter minibus
    – Vehicle support for horse-ridden crossings
    – Horse rental
    – Organizing guide
    – Accommodation in a hotel in Osh, guest houses, tents
    – Water tickets to nature reserves
    – Meals 3 times a day
    – Guides – grooms