Tour to the variegated landscapes of the Madygen Geopark, 4 days

Tour – Variegated landscapes of the Madygen Geopark, 4 days                This is a link to a video about Madygen  

Trip dates: April 4-7, May 2-4, June 6-9

This tour lasts 4 days.

Madygen is a potential World Natural Heritage Site. According to scientists, the geological landscapes of Madygen contain a huge amount of fossil fauna and flora, which describes the history of the Earth for 400 million years. This trip is especially attractive for photographers.

For tourists, especially attractive are the mountains composed of fossilized mollusks that literally lie under their feet. As well as magnificent landscapes and dizzying panoramas of colorful mountains. The ethnography of our ancestors and untouched nature have been preserved here.

The routes are easy. However, mountain sports shoes are required. In spring and summer, it is better to have a hat and sunglasses, since Batken is one of the hottest places in Kyrgyzstan.

Logistics: departure from the Osh city to Batken and further to Madygen.

For tourists from Uzbekistan, entry through the Vuadil\Kadamjai checkpoint, then a trip to Batken – 105 km\2 hours)

Day 1. Meeting at the airport

Breakfast or lunch at a restaurant in Osh. Trip to Batken. If departure in the morning from Osh is 230 km\5 hours, then along the way, visit the Baritovaya Cave and Dangi Canyon in the famous Tuya-Muyun region. Excursion to the abandoned Fersman mine. This historical site is famous for the fact that it was here that the development of the radioactive element “Tuya-Muyunit” for Stalin’s first atomic bomb began. Wonderful mountain landscape.

Arrival in Batken. Dinner. Visiting rock paintings. Accommodation in a hotel, 3*.

Day 2. Batken – Madygen Geopark

Breakfast. Early departure at 7:30. Along the way is the Tortgul reservoir. Stops for photos. Sary-Too tract, tiny Madygen village, Tenge-Sai canyon, Sphinx valley, Mollusk valley, Dry valley, panorama – 1, panorama – 2. Field lunch. Excursion to Sary-Kungey. Return to Batken. After dinner, a lecture on the geological phenomena of Madygen and geological heritage sites. Dinner in Batken. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3. Trip to Sokh Canyon

Early check out. Sokh Canyon is perhaps one of the deepest canyons and a spectacular landscape against the backdrop of the snow-capped peaks of the Turkestan Range. Along the way are the ruins of the ancient fortress of Kan. Magnificent panoramas and a thousand-year trail through the canyon.

Day 4. Departure to Osh, along the way Kadamjay

There are photo stops along the way. Arrival in Aidarken, visit to the Sel-Unkur cave – a Paleolithic site of an ancient man. Tourists heading to Uzbekistan, delivery to the Kazhdamzhay checkpoint.

Tour cost for 1 participant is 22,350 som (250 dollars)

  • Included in cost:
    – Motor transport
    – Three meals a day
    – Hotel accommodation
    – Guide services