For Geologists

Geological tours were tested in 2018 and 2019. Field geological tours and seminar topics are developed by the Tien-Shan Geological Society and are its intellectual property.

The program, route, duration of field geological tours can be changed, depending on the wishes of the participants and the format of the tour. Themes of geological tours are flexible and allow you to change the logistics and the sequence of the daily excursions. Also, excursions can be extended or shortened in duration.

Tour conditions can also be changed. For example, participants can only live in tents or only in hotels. We can rent appropriate vehicles depending on the number of people and the complexity of the route.

During geological tours, we will visit challenging mountainous areas. We will pass through thickets of thorns and grass, where there may be poisonous snakes and insects. Therefore, during some excursions, it is necessary to have appropriate clothing and shoes.

In geological tours or expeditions, novice geologists can test themselves in determining minerals, build a geological section. To do this, you must have a geological compass. During the excursions, participants must have water, sunglasses and a cap. Those interested can take a geological hammer with them.

To take samples of minerals with us to our country, we can obtain special permission from government agencies. We provide geological maps and guides for a visual tour.

Geology is fun and geology with your camera makes your geology tour a memorable one.