Traditional entomological expedition to the Pamirs (Tajikistan), August 2023

Entomological expedition to the Pamir (Tajikistan), August 5-19, 2023

The Pamir is still an unexplored area of ​​the highest mountain system in Central Asia.
The average altitude of the Pamirs is about 4500-5000 m. Despite the high altitudes above sea level, rare species of insects live in the Pamirs, which are sometimes found by tourists and local scientists.

The purpose of the expedition:
– Explore the world of insects living in the Pamir;
– Explore the flora of the Pamirs;
– Enjoy the landscapes of the Pamirs;
– Get to know Tajikistan and its culture;
– Get to know the wildlife.

When we say Pamir, we mean harsh climatic conditions and high altitude. We think that the Pamir is a hard-to-reach mountainous region of Central Asia. Nowadays, you can travel, do research and enjoy the wildlife in the Pamirs.

At the same time, the Pamirs are magnificent natural landscapes, amazing landforms, the highest mountain deserts in the world. Despite the harsh natural conditions, the Pamir is an excellent place for research and observation. Here you can see rare species of fauna and flora.
The Inner Pamir is usually rarely visited by tourists and explorers, but it is the most mysterious and attractive area of ​​the Pamirs.

This expedition is for those who want to explore the fauna that lives at an altitude of over 4000 m. We want to explore the most inaccessible places in the Pamirs. The Sarez Lake, Shirkent reserve and others.
After the Pamir, we want to descend into the valleys located at an altitude of about 500-700 m. We want to explore the biodiversity of the Khoja Mumin salt mountain, which is located in the southernmost part of Tajikistan. It is possible that rare insects live in the caves of the salt mountain. Next, we explore the western part of the country and northern Tajikistan in the Syrdarya river basin.

The most comfortable time for the expedition is July-August. The optimal number of participants is 5-10 personnes. The duration of the expedition is 14 days. The expedition will be attended by a biologist, insect specialist from the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.
The program can be changed in advance.

The price includes

  • – Meeting and seeing off at the airport
    – Accommodation in 2* and 3 * hotels according to the program (double occupancy)
    – Tents for living
    – Large tent for kitchen and dining room
    – Food,
    – Off-road transport,
    – Expert guide,
    – Chef,
    – Entrance fees to nature reserves,
    – Field equipment for the camp,
    – Instruments,
    – Electric generator,
    – Permits for Research

Not included in the price

  • – The cost of an international air flights,
    – Equipment rental,
    – Supplement for single occupancy,
    – Cost of visa and consular services,
    – Personal expenses in the hotel: bar, international calls,
    – Insurance,
    – Permits for the export of samples

Price by Request

Price depends on the number of participants


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