Paleontological expedition to Geopark “Madygen”. Southern Tian-Shan, August 15 – 27, 2024

Expedition dates: August 15 – 27, 2024

Madygen is located in the southwestern Tian-Shan in Kyrgyzstan. These unique places remain untouched by tourists. Madygen – is a region with extensive development of Mesozoic formations creating outstanding natural landscapes – Bedlends. Madygen is a vivid and classic example of the Mesozoic (MZ) period on the Eurasian continent. Madygen is known in the world paleontological science as an area with rare representative representatives of fossil fauna. Here, isolated instances of some types of thanatocenoses were found, which made it possible to reconstruct the paleogeographic and geological events that took place here millions of years ago and which became outstanding discoveries that made it possible to reconstruct the geological history of the vast territories of the Earth.

The mountains of Madygen amaze with their beauty! Madygen is an outstanding landscape that must be preserved for future generations and science. These are landscapes for aesthetic enjoyment. The most common representatives of the fossil fauna in Madigen are bivalves of the Bivalvia class. Quite powerful layers composed of representatives of this species indicate their mass extinction in the Triassic (T).

It is important to note the worldwide fame of this region for unique and unique paleontological finds in the world. For example: Sharovipteryx (Sharovipteryx mirabilis) – who lived during the Triassic period 242-227 million years ago. One of two species in the family Sharovipterygidae and the only known representative of the genus Sharovipteryx. Known for the only fossil found in the tract Madygen, therefore, it is assumed that he lived in the territory of modern Central Asia.

Despite previous studies, the Mesozoic layers of Madygen remain unexplored for the creation of a Geopark. For this, it is necessary to explore and systematize the objects of the geological heritage, to carry out the reconstruction of the geological history, it is necessary to carry out stratigraphic research. In addition, it is necessary to implement infrastructure solutions in order to preserve the objects of geological and cultural heritage in the territory of the future Geopark.

Therefore, we invite experts, clubs, associations, institutes, universities and other interested organizations for cooperation.

The main goals of the expedition:

– Research of fossil fauna,
– Research of the geological structure,
– Stratigraphic research,
– Systematization of objects of geological heritage,
– Assessment of the region as a potential Geopark,
– Geological reconstruction,
– Environmental reconstruction,
– Description of fossils and minerals to create a museum exhibition,
– Reconstruction of paleoclimatic conditions, etc.

The vicinity of Madygen is a territory where the Paleozoic (Silurian, Devonian, Permian) and Mesozoic geological layers (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous) are widespread. This territory has world significance describing a long period of geological history. Therefore, at present, Kyrgyz scientists and officials are working to ensure that this territory becomes a UNESCO geopark.

We invite paleontologists and geologists to take part in an expedition to southwest Kyrgyzstan to study the paleontology of Madygen. Here is the canyon, which is formed in Devonian limestones, which contains sediments that reflect the tectonic evolution of the region. There is also the ancient Kani-Gut cave mine and metallurgical complexes, where ore was extracted for the production of coins on the Great Silk Road. There are amazingly beautiful geological landscapes that can confidently claim the status of a UNESCO Geopark.

We invite those who wish to take part in the expedition August 14 – September 14, 2022. For research, we receive all the necessary permits from the state. The field camp will be organized in the Madygen tract – an oasis among the motley colored badlands. Madygen is an excellent training ground for students who can study geology, structural geology, historical geology, paleontology, stratigraphy and more.

Those wishing to participate in the expedition can write to the address:

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Rare fossils in Madygen

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