Flower tour throughout the Northwest Tien-Shan, 12 days

Tour dates – 05-16 May 2021. Dates can be changed if the group is already formed.

We invite you to take part in the flower tour across the Northwest Tien-Shan. This area of the Tien-Shan is a natural heritage of UNESCO of world significance. There grow rare tulips. Besides tulips, you will learn about the unique flora of the Tien-Shan. The area characterized by wild, unimpaired and mysterious nature. The local fauna is very rich.  The area inhabited by many species of butterflies and other animals. Our professional guide will narrate you the nature of the Northwest Tien-Shan and show you the most interesting places.

Route: Bishkek – Ala-Archa natural park – Bishkek – Ketmen-Tube valley- Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve – Padysha-Ata reserve – Chatkal valley – Talas valley – Besh-Tash gorge – Bishkek

Duration: 12 days. The best time to travel: from April 15 to June 30. Optimal number of participants: from 2 to 20 persones.


Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek

Arrival in Bishkek. Hotel accommodation. Briefing, acquaintance with an expert guide.

Day 2. Drive to Ala Archa National Park

Here in Ala-Archa, we will see flower endemic and rare plants: Allium saposhnikovii - Onion Sapozhnikova; Tulipa greigii - Greig's Tulip; Tulipa ostrowskiana - Ostrovsky Tulip; Tulipa zenaidae - Tulip of Zinaida; Juno orchioides - Juno orchid; Pastinacopsis glacialis; Large-calyxed Primrose and others. Return to Bishkek. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3. Bishkek - Itagar gorge - Ketmen-Tube valley

In the morning we will head to the south of the country and further to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the way to the northern slopes of the Kyrgyz Range, we will see tulips and other unique flowers: Tulipa tetraphylla - A four-leaf tulip. In the Itagar gorge, a surprisingly beautiful lake Saz-Köl is located. Different flowers grow in the Itagar Valley, including tulips: Tulipa tetraphylla - A four-leaf tulip. Iris orchioides; Juno zenaidae - Juno Zinaida; Paeonia hybrida Pall. - Peony hybrid; Around the Toktogul reservoir we can see: Silene sussamyrica - Smolevka Susamyr; Astragalus duanensis Saposhn - Astragalus Duan; Scutellaria andrachnoides - Skullcap andrachnoid; Lamiroppappus shakaptarsky - Cirsium schakaptaricum; Flomoides Korovina - Eremostachys korovinii and others. Overnight at the hotel on the banks of the Toktogul reservoir.

Day 4. Toktogul reservoir - Sary-Chelek

Today we will go to the Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve. Along the way, we will meet endemic flora: Pyrethrum sovetkinae Kovalevsk. - Popovnik Sovetkina; Tymus insertus - doubtful thyme; Convolvulus krauseanus - Bindweed Krause; Acantholimon alexandri - Akantolimon Alexander and others. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 5. Research around Sary-Chelek

Today, with our guide, you will explore flowers in the vicinity of the Sary-Chelek lakes.
There is a very wide variety of flora. Here we will see: Tanacetopsis Ferghana -Tanacetum ferganense; Kovalevskella Kovalevskaya - Cicerbita kovalevskiana; Campanula eugeniae - Bell of Eugenia; Bunium sary-cheleki - Bunium of Sary-Chelek; Hedysarum chaitocarpum - Lenticular penny; Allium viridi fl orum - Green flowering onion; Allium dodecadontum - Twelve-Toothed Onion; Eminium Regel - Eminium regelii; Tulip Upstream - Tulipa anadroma; Cousinia knorringiae - Cousinia Knorring; Pyrethrum sovetkinae - Popovnik Sovetkina. Those who wish can take a horse ride around the lake. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 6. Sary-Chelek - Padysha-Ata

oday we will move to the reserve Padysha-Ata. This is a great place for botanical observations. A large variety of plants in the spring. Smells of grass and flowering trees. Here is a paradise for botanists and zoologists. Here we will see plants such as: Eminium Regel Eminium regelii. Padysha-Ata is a holy place for Muslims. Here is the mausoleum of the saint. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 7. Padysha-Ata - Chatkala Valley

Our further path lies in the Chatkal river valley. Chatkal is a UNESCO natural heritage. Local flora and fauna is not only an object of ecological tourism, but also a subject of scientific research and observation. Here we will see the following plants: Hypacanthus mordovifolia - Cousinia echinopifolia; other. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 8. Surroundings of Chatkal valley

Today we will make an excursion to the spring lakes on the Chandalashsky ridge. These seven lakes are almost untouched place. These lakes formed as a result of the last glaciation. Birch and juniper forests grow here. We will see some plants here: Kaufman Tulip Tulipa kaufmanniana; Greig's tulip, variegated tulip Tulipa greigii; Tulip Upward Tulipa anadroma; Pskem onion - Allium pskemense and others. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 9. Chatkal - Talas

We are sorry to leave Chatkal. But ahead of us is the new Besh Tash Natural Park.
Today we will move the Talas Range and go down to the Talas Valley. On the way we will see: Juno orchid - Iris orchioides; Arenaria talassica - Talas gerbil; Hedysarum cumuschtanicum - Penny kumushtaksky and others. Overnight at a hotel in the city of Talas.

Day 10. Talas valley

Today we will visit the lakes in the Besh-Tash nature reserve. These lakes formed as a result of retreat of glaciers. Here you can see: Ajania korovinii Kovalevsk. - Ayaniya Korovin; Geranium sophiae - Geranium Sofia; Scutellaria lanipes - Scutellaria vulgaris; Campanula eugeniae - Bell of Eugenia; Pyrethrum sovetkinae Kovalevsk. - Popovnik Sovetkina; The rosette is rosulare - Bupleurum rosulare; Kozopolian Turkestan -
Kosopoljanskia turkestanica; Iridodictium Kolpakovsky - Iridodictyum kolpakowskianum; Kaufman Tulip - Tulipa kaufmanniana; Greig's Tulip - Tulipa greigii and others. In the evening, a local folklore ensemble will perform for you. Overnight at a hotel in the city of Talas.

Day 11. Talas - Bishkek

On the way we will see: Juno orchioides - Juno orchid; Greig's Tulip -
Tulipa greigii; Tulip Zinaids - Tulipa zenaidae and others.
Overnight at a hotel in Bishkek.

Day 12. Bishkek - airport

Today our car will take you to the airport.

- Meeting and seeing off at the airport
- Accommodation in 3 * hotels according to the program (double occupancy)
- Three meals a day during the program,
- Transport according to the program,
- Expert guide,
- Entrance fees to nature reserves
- Equipment rent
- Bottled water

  • Single occupancy at a hotel.
  • International flights
  • Expenses entailed due to any changes to the programme
  • Tips for the staff
  • Personal expenses at hotels (international calls, bar, etc.)
  • Insurance
  • Visa

Price on request

According to the request, we can negotiate the optimal price for your budget.

Price depends on the number of participants

Single supplement in hotels: $50 USD per person


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