An educational tour for geology lovers to the Madygen geopark. 8 days. April-September

On this tour you will visit the territory of the Madygen Geopark, where you will see unique geological natural monuments of international importance. Madygen Geopark is a potential UNESCO Global Geopark. The time for the geotour is very extensive: from mid-April to the end of September.

Day 1. Bishkek – Tash-Kumyr – Mount Buzbu-Too

On the way from Bishkek to Osh, you will hear interesting stories from a local geologist about the geological structure of the Tien Shan, about its origin, age and geological phenomena. Along the way, amazing geological forms and entire landscapes. Excursion to the place where the remains of dinosaurs were found. In the Kyzyl-Dzhar savanna there are bizarre variegated relief forms. Life in the semi-desert is not for everyone, but people live here. Savannah is a kind of philosophical beauty. Overnight in tents in the picturesque Munduz gorge (mountain Buzbu-Too).

Day 2. Buzbu-Too – Mailuu-Suu city – Jalal-Abad – Osh

The further path lies in Mailuu-Suu – the city of forgotten people. A city with an interesting history of a whole bygone era. Visit to the Museum of the History of the Nuclear Industry of the USSR. Excursion around the city. Then a trip to the city of Jalal-Abad. Visit to the oldest resort in Central Asia. Mineral water and stories about healing springs. Further excursion to the historical and architectural complex in the city of Uzgen. Visiting the minaret of the Karakhanids – IX-X. Further way to Osh. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 3. Osh – Tuya-Muyun – Batken-Tortgul

The path lies in the famous Tuya-Muyun mountain range. Stories about the extraction of the first radioactive ore and the construction of the first atomic bomb in the USSR. Almalyk gypsum quarry with a magnificent panorama of Alay on the way. In Tuya-Muyun there is a deposit of compastel ruby and other minerals. Visit to the Chili-Say gorge. Next, an excursion through the Batken desert to the Kan Village , where lead ore was previously mined. Then visit the Ak-Turpak gypsum cave. Overnight on trestle beds or in tents in a wonderful place near the Tortgul reservoir.

Day 4. Tortgul – Madygen

The famous paradise for geologists is the Madygen tract and the Sary-Too mountains in the Madygen geopark. Variegated geological sections composed of petrified fauna and flora create fantastically beautiful pictures of nature. Night in the Madygen poplar grove at the campsite.

Day 5. Madygen – Osh

On the way to Batken, we will visit the Chalcedony Mountain, cuts of bivalve fossilized mollusks and see beautiful panoramas of the monumental landscape. Then drive for about 10 km through the narrow Kara-Dzhigar canyon. Overnight at a guest house in Osh.

Day 6. Osh – Kozho-Kelen

The Kozho-Kelen tract is 90 km of amazing landscapes and unique geological natural monuments. The path along the Ak-Buura River deep into the Alai Range. Excursion to the “Blue Grotto” and “Pink Waterfall”, the red rocks of Kozho-Kelen, the snow-capped peaks of Alay and the picturesque village. Accommodation in a guest house. For dinner, local dishes.

Day 7. Kozho-Kelen – Osh

The way back is already a different angle and new natural pictures. Arrival in Osh, accommodation in a guest house.

Day 8. Osh – Airport

Airport transfer

On this tour, you will be accompanied by an experienced geologist guide.

Price, on request

Included in the price:

– Automobile,
– Three meals a day, including 7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, 7 lunches
– Accommodation in guest houses, campsites

Maximum number of participants – 13 pax.


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