Tour for 5 days in the south of Kyrgyzstan

Informative tour of historical places and reserves

There are many corners of nature in Kyrgyzstan that have long attracted tourists. But, not everyone knows that in addition to well-known and popular places, there are also places that are little visited or little known to travelers. These places or vast territories are pristine and mysterious, we call such places “Unexplored Kyrgyzstan”.

Our tours are useful for curious tourists, for people who have many questions about the planet Earth, about the nature of Kyrgyzstan, about its geology, flora and fauna, history and archeology. Our tours are for people who want to get answers to the mysteries of nature and history, who want to know the phenomena of nature.

Day 1. Bishkek – Toktogul – Tash-Kumyr – Kyzyl-Dzhara savannah

On the way, visit significant places and talk about the history of the construction of the largest reservoir in Central Asia. Next, visit the museum of the history of hydropower development in the city of Karakul. Geological excursions in the Kyzyl-Dzhar savannah. Geological heritage, landscapes. Night in tents.

Day 2. Kyzal-Dzhar savannah – Kerben – Padysha-Ata reserve – Aflatun gorge – Sary-Chelek lake

Today is very full of impressions and new personal discoveries. From the hot semi-desert we will move to the cool gorges of the Chatkal Range. Excursion to vaucluse Baba-Ustun on the southern slopes of Mount Buzbu-Too. We will visit the famous gorge and the Padysh-Ata mausoleum of the same name. Canyon walk. Next visit to the Aflatun gorge. Nowhere as in this gorge, you can observe a great variety of diverse flora. The further way lies to the village of Arkit. Accommodation in a guest house.

Day 3. Arkit – Sary-Chelek – Mailuu-Suu

Excursion to the lake Sary-Chelek. Further descent to Tash-Kumyr. Along the way, we will see how quickly the landscape changes from wet foothills to arid semi-desert. You will see bizarre geological forms. In the city of Mailuu-Suu you will also make an excursion to the footprints of dinosaurs. The city of Mailuu-Suu, once a prosperous city, became the main stronghold of the USSR in creating the country’s nuclear shield. There is something to see here: architecture unlike other settlements against the backdrop of various geological landscapes and the rich history of an entire era of a great country. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4. Mailuu-Suu – Kara-Kul – the shore of the Toktogul reservoir – “Park of the Soviet period”

Today’s path is back. But the way back is perceived quite differently. Along the way, we will see interesting geological forms and colorful landscapes. Stop and rest in the “Park of the Soviet period” – in one of the cozy places on the shore of the reservoir. Night in cottages.

Day 5. Toktogul reservoir – Bishkek

On the way we will visit the magnificent mountain lake Saz-Kol in one of the tributaries of the Chychkan River. Return to the capital.

Price, on request

Included in the price:

  • – Car rent,
    – Three meals a day, including 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 5 lunches
    – Accommodation in guest houses
    – Entry tickets

Maximum number of participants – 13 people


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