Women’s tours

Tours for women – bachelorette party in Tien Shan

Pandemic, stress, city bustle, fatigue, routine at work, family problems – this is annoying, spoils nerves, and causes uncertainty. For women and young girls, these are especially detrimental factors for health, mood and their general condition. To make the holiday a complete reset, allowing you to take a break in life, you should choose a trip for girls. This trip will be remembered for a long time. Mountain clean air, communication with fellow travelers, learning something new, and the discovery of contrasting Central Asia. Oriental flavor, exotic natural places, local recipes of national cuisine, colorful bazaars – all this you can learn on our journey. This is not just a trip, it is a comprehensive holiday, taking into account the passions and interests of the female. After it, ladies of any age return renewed, full of strength, emotions and happy.

Central Asia is a territory of contrasts, tastes, clean mountain air, entertainment and, of course, pristine nature, magnificent aesthetic landscapes and amazing combinations of mountains and valleys.

We offer several options for women’s recreation:

– Great mountain tours with elements of adventure and extreme sports.
– Cultural tours with ethnographic excursions, culinary master classes and knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage of the region.
– Health and business tours with rest in the resorts of Issyk-Kul

Our tours are for families and business women.

A trip to the Tien Shan is better than a monotonous vacation on the beach.

Returning to work or home after an exciting vacation with a lot of impressions and photographs will be desirable for you, since the euphoria and feeling of flying that you experienced in the dizzying natural landscapes of the Tien Shan, or other natural attractions of Central Asia, will easily return you to a calm life . Tourist programs for women are filled with a combination of hiking with a light extreme in the wild, cultural and ethnographic highlights, where local women of the mountains will show you master classes in the traditional life of modern nomads. For example: hand weaving, baking bread in the tandoor and other local traditions. For example, riding a horse will add extreme and adrenaline to your trip.

Such tourist programs are created for almost all ladies, regardless of age, field of activity, marital status. If you burn out at work in the daily routine, then you need an emotional overload. These programs are especially useful for active, business women who are in a constant state of stress and tension. For whom such trips reset the nerves and brain, erase emotions, and physical activity returns to normal.

A bachelorette party in the mountains of Central Asia is relaxation and learning about a new culture, nature and, most importantly, new acquaintances. This is a good rest, in the evening soulful atmosphere by the fire or in a cozy guest house. A trip in comfortable transport through mountain landscapes, cozy guest houses and hotels, yurt camps, as well as delicious ecological food prepared according to local recipes, outstanding natural landscapes and phenomena, impressions, hospitality and care of local residents and your guides.