Spring women’s tour in Tien Shan, 9 days. May

Women’s tour – “When the Tien Shan blooms”    Why women’s tour?

Tour calendar for 2024

April 27 – May 7, May 11 – May 19, May 25 – June 2

Spring is the best time to see the blooming Tien Shan mountains in all contrasts. This tour is famous for the fact that in 8 days you will see the most outstanding, top places of the Kyrgyz Tien Shan: the UNESCO transboundary biosphere territory – “Western Tien Shan”, the real Kyzyl-Jar savannah, the Padysha-Ata reserve, the Sary-Chelek reserve, lake Saz-Kol, relict forests of Arslanbob and the beautiful Chychkan gorge. Magnificent panoramas of the Toktogul reservoir, the Chatkal valley with monumental canyons and beautiful mountain lakes surrounded by birch groves, and of course blooming red book tulips, many tulips and various flower carpets in this amazing part of the world.

During the journey, we can take photo stops at attractive places.

This exciting tour is open until mid-September – the time of autumn colors. However, the most juicy colors are those of spring. Spring is the best time to travel to the Tien Shan Mountains.

Briefly about the important sights that you will visit during this trip:

UNESCO Biosphere Territory “Western Tien Shan”. This transboundary region is part of the Central Asian Tien Shan mountain system, one of the seven largest mountain ranges in the world. The height of various parts of the biosphere territory varies from 700 to 4503 meters. The area is rich in diverse landscapes, which are characterized by exceptionally rich biodiversity. The region of the Western Tien Shan is of world importance, as it is the place of origin of a number of rare species of fruit trees and is distinguished by a wide variety of forest types, endemics and a unique flora.

Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve

This state biosphere reserve is the oldest protected area of the Western Tien Shan in Kyrgyzstan. It is spread over 238 square kilometers of the Chatkal and At-Oinok mountain ranges. Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve was founded in 1959. In 1979, the reserve was included in the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The main mountain range of the reserve is the Chatkal Range. From the south, the Ferghana Valley approaches it, forming altitudinal zoning and a unique climate. As a result of the geographical location, this territory has its own climatic regime. In the Sary-Chelek Reserve, 40% of the area is covered with walnut and coniferous forests. There are mountain meadows, beautiful rock formations, glaciers, swamps, etc. There are many rivers of glacial and spring origin. The alpine lake Sary-Chelek (“yellow bowl”) is considered the pearl of the reserve. It was formed 10 thousand years ago as a result of a mountain collapse. The lake stretches for 7.5 km from north to south, and the widest point is 2.5 km. The depth reaches 98 m. In addition to Sary-Chelek, there are 6 more magnificent lakes on the territory of the reserve.

Padysha-Ata Nature Reserve

The territory of the Padysh-Ata State Reserve is one of the favorable regions for the compact habitat of various animal species and the growth of various plant communities. The reserve was created in order to preserve the unique juniper forests, Semenov fir and other biodiversity listed in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan. According to the IUCN category, it is a Strict Nature Reserve. However, these territories are available for study by special permission.

Savannah of Kyzyl-Dzhar is a unique place for philosophers who love arid landscapes. However, in spring, this semi-desert place is filled with colors and smells of blooming rare species of flora. Here you can enjoy geological colorful landscapes and an abundance of fossil paleontological finds.

The Chatkal Valley is a place of diverse landscapes: monumental canyons with their own microclimate inside, spectacular lakes and waterfalls falling from the mountains. Chatkal nature immerses you in the world of the great beauty of the mountains, enjoying the wild untouched nature, feeling the purest mountain air and rich impressions. These places are especially magnificent in spring, when tulips bloom, many tulips, various tulips against the backdrop of snow-capped mountain peaks. Here you feel the feeling of a new life!

Lake Saz-Kol is little known to tourists, located in one of the gorges of the Talas Range. The panoramas of the mountains in which the lake is located are simply mesmerizing. Surrounded by forested mountain slopes, the lake seems to hide its beauty from people.

The Toktogul reservoir, with its panoramas, looks especially impressive at sunset. The surrounding landscape changes with every kilometer. Winding among the green hills, the road leads to the pass, from where the descent to the Southern Tien Shan begins – an area of ​​diverse natural heritage.

Day 1. Arrival in Bishkek

Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2. Bishkek - Toktogul - Tash-Kumyr

A journey of 400 km will give you many impressions. You will see what contrasts the Tien Shan is famous for: alpine meadows, long mountain gorges filled with the ethnography of local nomads, mountain forests, snow-covered peaks and clean mountain rivers flowing into the main Tien Shan river – Naryn. Lake Saz-Kol hidden in the mountains. Along the way, you will see the largest and most beautiful reservoir in Central Asia, surrounded by colorful mountains, as well as the savannah, filled with colorful natural phenomena. On this day we will reach the Tash-Kumyr city. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 3. Tash-Kumyr - Kerben - Kanysh-Kiya (UNESCO Biosphere Territory)

This wonderful day will present many beautiful landscapes. For photographers, this is a particularly exciting trip. You will see how the savannah blooms. It is filled with the smells of ephemera and especially colored carpets covering the motley colored slopes of the mountains. Pistachio trees look especially impressive, which gives these places the appearance of a savannah. The locals call the pistachio the tree of life. In 1958, Soviet paleontologists discovered the location of dinosaurs in these places. The first Sauropod in Central Asia, 20 m long, was found here.

The savanna is gradually replaced by another landscape, then a third, a fourth, and our path leads to Kerben, a small town at the foot of the Chatkal Range. Lunch in one of the cafes. Then we go to the heart of the biosphere territory to the Chatkal valley. Along the way, new landscapes and spectacular geological monuments of nature. In the village of Kanysh-Kiya, we will stay in a guest house with a local hospitable family. The host will offer dinner from national Kyrgyz dishes.

Day 4. Long-awaited tulip trip to Chukurchak lakes

The most beautiful lakes in a picturesque valley are an unexpected gift for tourists. Small lakes filled with emerald water are surrounded by birch groves. Groves are excellent places for bird watching (birdwatching). But here, there is another beauty – tulip carpets. In spring, the green slopes are filled with mountain flowers, among which tulips occupy a special place. Here you can see most of the red-book types of Tien Shan tulips: Greig’s Tulip, Kaufman’s Tulip, Kolpakovsky’s Tulip, Zinaida’s Tulip, etc. Lunch in nature. Then we go to the mountain lake Kara-Toko, located at an altitude of more than 2800 m above sea level, among a forested mountain range. Then we will visit the world of Ayuu-Chachy canyon. On this day you will get very rich impressions of the local wildlife. We return to the guest house. In the evening, at dinner, the stories of local hunters and rangers about encounters with wild animals are especially interesting: snow leopards, bears and other inhabitants of Chatkal. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 5. Kanysh-Kiya - Padysha-Ata Reserve

In the morning we go to another climatic zone – the southern slopes of Chatkal. Here you can already feel the warm breath of the Ferghana Valley. We will visit one of the famous reserves Padysha-Ata. In the reserve, excursion to the canyon along the river and enjoy the wildlife. Accommodation in a guest house.

Day 6. Padysha-Ata - Sary-Chelek Reserve

In the morning we go to the famous lake Sary-Chelek. This is an amazing place! Upon arrival, accommodation at the hotel. Further excursion walking route through all 6 lakes of the reserve. Beautiful landscapes, mountain air, abundance of various flowers, mountain landscape and good mood. The duration of the tour is about 6 km. Those who wish can also take a tour of the lake on a boat. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 7. Sary-Chelek - Arslanbob

In the morning, we will head to Arslanbob – a natural heritage site of world importance. Relic walnut-fruit forests occupy a huge area of the southwestern slopes of the Ferghana Range. Lunch in one of the Uzbek houses. Then, on vintage UAZ cars, we will go to a large waterfall, get acquainted with local traditions and make a walking tour (about 8 km) through the walnut forest and mountain slopes. We will visit a small waterfall and see the panoramas of the Arslanbob valley. In the evening, acquaintance with a local farm where walnut products are produced. Overnight in a cozy Uzbek guest house.

Day 8. Arslanbob - Osh

In the morning, in a good mood, we leave Arslanbob. Further way to the ancient of Osh city- the southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. On the way, we will visit the ancient architectural and historical complex Uzgen – a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Arrival in Osh. Hotel accommodation. Free program. In the vicinity of Osh, we will visit the Aravan poppy carpets, which can be seen only for 12 days a year in the month of May. In the evening, a gala dinner at an ethno restaurant.

Day 9. Osh – airport

Your program has come to an end. Airport transfer.

Program cost in dollar:

Number of participants 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14
Cost per participant 1350 750 670 610 570 530 470

Upon request, we can agree on the best price for your budget.
The cost of the program depends on the number of participants

Included in the price:

  • – Meeting and seeing off at the airport
    – Accommodation in 3* hotels according to the program, guest houses, yurt camping (double occupancy)
    – Three meals a day throughout the program,
    – Outdoor picnics
    – Transport according to the program,
    – guide,
    – Entrance fees to reserves and museums

The price does not include:

  • – The cost of international air travel to Osh and back
    – Equipment rental
    – Supplement for single occupancy
    – Cost of visa and consular services
    – Personal expenses in the hotel: bar, international calls, etc.
    – Insurance
    – Any changes in programs

Tour calendar for 2024

  • April 27 – May 7
    May 11 – May 19
    May 25 – June 2


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