Expedition program “In search of Bigfoot”. August 04 -13, 2023

The expedition program is an adventure to unknown places of the Fergana Range, it is a comprehensive study of the wildlife of the Kokerim-Too Range, one of the spurs of the Fergana Range. According to the description of local rangers, here you can meet bears, wild goats, snow leopard and other animals.

The most important thing about this expedition is the philosophy of traveling in the wild, untouched nature. This is what attracts tourists and explorers to these unexplored places.
The expedition invites scientists, researchers, photographers, and people who want to discover wild nature, test themselves in the field, without communication and civilization.
We plan to start our journey from the village of Aral (the eastern foothills of the Ferghana Range) and go through the hard-to-reach valley of the Kek-Irim river. There are great canyons here. Then explore the upper reaches of the Kek-Irim – the valleys of the Chon-Kanarchu and Kichi-Kanarchu rivers. In a few days, if we manage to find a trail, we plan to reach the Kuraves pass. From the pass we plan to descend down the Kuraves River, to the valley of the Kara-Unkur River (the western slope of the Ferghana Range). From here we will get to the famous walnut-fruit forests of Arslanbob, where we can relax after adventures.

As a result, we explore one of the mysterious spurs of the Ferghana Range – Kek-Irim. The Ferghana Range itself has always been distinguished by its mystery. Although the famous places Arslanbob and Kara-Alma are located on its western slope, which are actively visited by tourists. However, the ridge remains mysterious to tourists and explorers. The mountain range is distinguished by the unique dense vegetation of the foothills and hard-to-reach places.
We will make a couple of field camps in the wild gorges of Kek-Irim.

Speleologists may try to discover new caves here, biologists may discover new species of insects, geologists will discover new landforms and an amazing combination of repeatable landscapes.
We think that in 12 days we will overcome the difficult sections of the canyons and reach the Kara-Unkur valley.
From Arslanbob we will descend to Osh from where we can fly home.

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